NCC - National Cadet Corps

National Cadet Core was established in the Sahibganj College in the year 2006. The unit for Boys and girl cadets are in operation in which about hundred students are enrolled.

The main activities include training of Cadets for A, B and C grade Certification and the students has been awarded Certificates for NCC achievements.

Awards- Vishal Prasad B&S/SD/11/13033 Unit 36 Jharkhand and B N NCC participated in Republic Day Camp and Prime Minister’s Rally at New Delhi as RD March &Certificate of NCC.

During 2011-2013 19NCC Cadets were awarded C certificate and 4 Cadets were awarded B certificate.

In 2012-14 4 Cadets were awarded C certificate where as 13 candidate were awarded B grade.

The NCC Cadets of Sahibganj College are regular participants in Republic Day and Independence Day Function at district HQ and form a part of Guard of Honor Contingent.